Saturday, December 19, 2009

5 days till Christmas

You think she is making a list???
The Pulled of today the perm has shown up already

The Russian Nutcracker Tuesday was beautiful....they did a outstanding job. The Army has a complaint system called ICE and when the Chinese Acrobats were here in October people complained because they were assigned seats ( My kids couldn't see, I wanted a aisle seat,blah blah etc). So the last 2 events held in this auditorium have been first come first common sense says if you are doing that you must have ushers to tell people "move it down" because everyone always leaves a spot between them and the next needless to say the first 2 levels were "full" and we ended up in the balcony but all was good. We got to see without any heads in our way and we ended up sitting next to girl from Maddie's Ballet class. And Of course my girl had to have a "real" Nutcracker ( Ouch ).

Wednesday we had the meeting with the school's OT for Kael. She has high hopes he will be writing better by the end of the year. She will be working with him 30 mins twice a week. We also have to take him to a special eye doctor for Learning related vision problems. Friday was the last day of school so I sent Kael to school with his treats for his classmates, treats for his "other" teachers and his gift for his Teacher ( Giftcard ). The kid came home with his Teachers gift still in his backpack.....He forgot......the most important gift he forgets...ohhhh I am still horrified. So I sent her a email ( but of course its her school account and schools over ) hoping to get it to her before Christmas but ohhhhh I'm so embarrassed . Friday was also the day I had to bake Baby Jesus a cake.....I always get nervous when I must make something for other people and there is no way I can test it first ......I mean this is for Baby Jesus ....can there be any more pressure????? Supposedly it was good and they had fun blowing out the candles for him ( Maddie said he could not come down from Heaven for know he is busy up there).

Hopefully we get to Santa tomorrow and some more shopping done ......hope Ya'll do too !!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Just so you know....

Maddie did good at the dentist, No cavities. But Thankfully the Ped dentist agreed that the front upper crowns need to come out since they still abcess and he wants to protect the permanent teeth. So we loose 2 crowns/caps (whatever they want to call them) and keep 4 on bottom and the 2 upper incisor so she can honestly sing "all I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth". When we told Kael He says Why do all the silver teeth people get a break? I had to tie floss to my tooth and have it yanked out.....I can not wait till she tells him what happened to her..So please say a prayer for her Monday @ 11 central time that all goes well. I'm off....I can feel a cold coming in my chest or maybe its the below zero temps here.....Oh how I miss you East Coast !!!!

Do U not love Sages expression.....Bwahahaha.............