Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year???

We started 2011 off in NC, doing my families Christmas. Poor Sage has had Diarrhea for almost 3 weeks and it was not a fun trip for her. During the few days we were there she had open sores on her butt and poor kid never got any relief. We got to the Dr on Tuesday and they sent some samples to the lab but she thought it was a Dairy Allergy so NO Dairy for a week. We got some results back No Bacteria or White Blood Cells detected so know we are just waiting on Parasite to come back. If this does not clear up after a week of no dairy we go to Cat Scan, Blood work, Etc. Sage LOVES yogurt so it has been a rough 2 days for her with no yogurt but I found some SOY yogurt at Kroger today .....they even have Soy Sour cream and Soy Cream cheese and Soy Ice cream....but since those are not staples in her diet I did not get those. the price OUCH.
Maddie had her PT Eval this week and coordination was very weak, plus fine motor skills and calf muscles are so short and tightened they did not how she was walking. We are gonna start once a week and possibly get referred for OT. The PT place is in Richmond Hills, 40 mins away, so again another reason we should have gotten a house there and not here.
Kael's Basketball team started playing games this week, 2 so far and they won both. He has really improved and while I don't think Basketball is his "thing" he did not give up and has really tried. But he stills talks about Martial Arts alot so we will see what is in our future. We are still waiting for Brian to start his "new" Job at HAAF which is a 45 min commute and yet another reason we should be in Richmond Hill and not here ( LOL). This "job" will be for a year and he starts getting ready next week......which is good because if I don't get back to a "regular" schedule soon I will lose my friggin mind. I'm a type A personality so everything must be scheduled with a beginning and a end, I "need" to know details and facts, and it must be done my way.......yes I know I am weird, but I try to control it. But between the kids being out of school, and all the traveling since Thanksgiving till now I'm almost out of control......Ha Ha Ha !!!!
1) Sage and Kael looking for more gifts

2 and 3 ) Maddie and Sage

4) Kael's Biggie