Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What the Hell Wednesday

I finally have something for What the Hell Wednesday, hosted by Blue Monkey Butt's Stacey and Elle. We have a 1 year builders warranty on our newly built home so I have to call their office to get their PR guy to get someone to fix whatever has broken that week. After everything is done the "painters" are suppose to come in and touch up the finished work. 2 of those "spots" had to be Spackled first which takes 24 hours to dry........needless to say Painters never showed back up.

PR Guy shows up today saying painters never showed but he has done this before so he will fix my "eyesore" ........he fixed it alright. First he sanded the Spackle off so much it was uneven then he painted my foyer the color of the Half bath, as you can tell in the pics of the 2 different browns. So to "fix" his mistake he calls in "sheet rock" guy who has to recover the dings and that has to dry 24 hours before it can be painted. So I am back to square one except it is more of a eyesore then my "little dings" ever were. So I ask you "What the Hell?"