Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sweet Oil, Who Knew????

So I am saving you from pictures of My crusty eyed, snotty nose and basically miserable looking children. Sage went to ER tonight because the Quack Clinic I took her and Maddie to yesterday could not be bothered to make sure they hired qualified Dr's, nurse practitioners, etc. The Dr told us Maddie and Sage did not have anything but a cold.......So Sage was up ALL night and the left eye crusted. Maddie woke up left eye crusted ( and I saw tonight looks like right eye is starting). So Grumpy....sorry....Sage....started around around 4:30 just screaming so I showered her and tried all things to make her happy but nothing worked. I sweet oiled her ear and took off to ER.....of course when I got there she finally stopped screaming and charmed all in the ER making me look like a CRAZY lady....but its a Ear infection and pink eye. All this time Brian and the kids went to the game.....there will be others I'm sure.
Kael is still coughing but its more drainage then Asthma so I don't know what in the world has him going now....but must get him in to the Dr's this week. We have Therapy on Monday this week because he has a Field Day on Tuesday at school. Maddie missed school on Friday ( she was suppose to be snack helper so her heart was broken ). She has a field trip Friday to the Topeka KS Zoo.....they call them family days so I will be lugging all 3 with me since Kael's school gets out at 1130 that day and Brian has a crazy day......he also has a International Student Appreciation ceremony that night .....he was assigned a Field Artillery soldier from Romania at the start of school, so that will be a crazy day. I need to get kids to Dr this follow ups ....see about medical records.....I really need to pull stuff off the wall and clean it good before they pack it. I did 4 loads of laundry today, trying to get rid of germs........
On the positive side ......Kael and Maddie's new school in GA is outstanding, award winning, and parent pleasing I am thrilled and scared ....hope both of them are up to the standards and not too far behind. So off to fold more clothes.