Friday, July 30, 2010

Everyday View

This is where we live.....everyday its a new adventure to see what kind of progress has been made and what has changed. I honestly do not think the people out here know what they are doing. They started digging a retaining pond ....then they filled it....then they dug it again....and now its filled and it looks like they are putting in a road??? So far there are only 3 of us living on this side of the road.
This week the printer died could probably be fixed but I have tried all I can and the other printer we have for photos, the ink cost as much as a new printer. So I ordered a new one....hoping I can make do without one until it arrives from Amazon. Kids did get School supplies, back packs, school uniforms and new shoes this week. Sage got her CYS Physical done and the Dr found she had a ear infection, but she is good for hopefully some fun classes??? Maddie gets her's Monday, Kael is Tuesday, Weds is open house at the school and Thursday is their 1st day.
So hopefully we will get to some sort of schedule this week..........Hopefully !!!!