Friday, September 3, 2010

First Day of DayCare

Excuses time : Busy,Busy, Sick and Busy

The Homework kills me on Monday thru Thursday, I get done and guess what its time to make dinner. After dinner clean up the kids wanna play and who can deny them ( they only get recess on certain days and that varies) Sage bath, Maddie shower,snack, make lunches, get uniforms ready, meds and bedtime routine.

This week was really bad because I am battling a cold/virus. I am already bored with dinner choices ( hard when you deal with picky eater ALL THE TIME ) These were pics from her first day. Second time she went she cried the WHOLE time.....Third time cried when I took her but she did calm down.

Happy Labor Day weekend

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kael Turns 7

Spent his day going to a Bakugan Battle in Savannah, eating a dinner of his favorite food Pizza and having Birthday Cake.

Opening gifts from family far away and near
Blowing out his candle with a little help from a little sister.
Happy Birthday Kael !!