Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Colds that never end.......

But at least they are just colds and not all the stomach bugs going around. Sage is runny nose, Maddie is runny nose and Kael is asthma cough. He needed Cough suppressant for bed time so if its not a producing cough Tomorrow We will have to break out the predisone.
Finally got thru the 54 houses the new Realtor e mailed us this week.....not even 12 hours later his assistant sent us a better floor plan on one we we liked had been sold Friday and another the people decided to rent it .....but she is still working on more.
The dinner party was fun and I get my machine in 5 days yeah......I tried to get the kids in for swim lessons in March but I thought I missed the deadline but I can not even find their classes on the roster so I will need to call about that. I have to wait till midnight to sign up for April's. I will be flying in to Ga middle of the month while Brian is on Spring Break....he will get 3 days alone with all 3 so pray for him and them....LOL.
Maddie will have her 5th birthday party Saturday...she has a Hannah Montana Cake and we have to go get her "big girl" bike this week. Also need to schedule her portraits maybe for Sunday.....we have the outfits....Hope everyone has a great week !!!

1) Nobody knows where she got the sucker from .......but she loved it.

2) Kael helping the salad master guy ( Brad ) Brian thinks he looks like Locke from Lost

3) Making Marbles

4) Snow from the 21st....come on spring