Friday, June 4, 2010

Finished with Vision Therapy

Kael with Mrs Jean who runs all the Therapies

So we could not find any in Ga except Atlanta which is over 4 hours away. He did 19 weeks which is almost half so we bought a computer program from the Doctor which we will use this summer and next school year. We left with promises to keep in touch and to send updates.

We have not disappeared from the face of the earth just yet

It just feels like it. We have been crazy.....excited.....sad....saying goodbyes, doing inventory's, cleaning out rooms to make sure a certain 6 year old boy does not carry every friggin paper with him to GA......he collects junk everywhere we go. Business cards, brochures, coupons, menus, etc. Following a certain monkey around who gets into everything. Trying to get most of the freezer stuff eaten so I at least feel like we somewhat got our money out of it all. Trying to figure out what we need to pack in the van for the almost 2 weeks we will be living out of hotels . So posting will be sporadic but I will try at least.

Tomorrow is Brian's last official day of classes.....Monday its out processing and so on and so on. Hoping to make a Costco run Saturday ....def need H2o and Gatorade for the movers on Weds cause its gonna be hot !!! Packing us on Mon and Tues.

These pics are from 1 min before Sage cracked her head.......yes it was my idea, you know what a cute picture, Brian get out of the way, your in the pic and then smack right on the dining room table......the guilt will follow me to my grave. The pics are from the 22nd and the derma bond still has not fallen off.