Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Day 2010

So Maybe we are getting better? I am not gonna Jinx myself this time !!! But it has been 2 days and no Dr's so yeah for us !!! In other news we have gotten pre approved for our Mortgage and we have a Realtor so hopefully by Spring Break there will be lots of homes for me to go look at. Hopefully we will be under contract by April 30th to qualify for the $8000 first time home buyers credit. We have almost a 30 mile area to look at between Ft Stewart and Richmond Hills area. We are looking forward to getting all this done .....Kael is now finally excited we will be near a ocean ( he thinks he will be at the beach everyday ) Maddie is more concerned about her "friends" . Right now our big concern is Schools since we will have 2 in the system now ( can U believe it?????????? )
I did get her invitations today so hopefully they will get passed out Weds at school....
Enjoy the pics from Valentines past....there are no 2005.....I was ginormus with Maddie and poor Kael was never in any clothes???? Seriously all the photos are him running around in a diaper.....he is gonna hate that in a couple of years.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

You have got to be friggin kidding me ????????

Sorry but I have been saying that alot. Got Sage to the Dr today after nights of torture for me and the rest of the house ( mainly Maddie ) as she screams her head off because Motrin wears off in 8 hours .....UGH !!! She has a double ear infection and sinus infection and they thought strep but the figured out it was just irritation from all the infection draining from her head. The Dr was not happy with them giving her Liquid albutral last week for a cough and saying her ear was a little pink but not nothing to treat.....esp with no follow up. Kael has the "asthma" cough going on but oh my goodness the smell coming out of that boys mouth ( and I have smelled death ) so gonna try to get him to ped tomorrow after school because that has to be a sinus infection ( yes he brushed his teeth ). He lost another tooth tonight......Tooth Fairy has been, He says Hello. And not to leave her out.....Dearest Middle child did not go to school today since she could not eat her lunch in time.....we are completely clueless as to how to deal with her. She has Teeth problems and Low muscle tone issues and she does chew slower then a cow chewing its cud but the therapist say it should not hinder her as much as it does......during the meals I feel like she is milking it and I could pull out everyone of my hairs but what if shes not ???? Do I give up, let her eat what she can in the time she is giving and just give nutritional shakes or Veggie juices? Today it was a issue of Chewing and swallowing a clemintine orange ? Usually its meat....she will chew it forever !!! Can you tell I am exhausted? Hopefully this made some sense because I am off to bed....night

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Party?

I think ( hope) we are ready. They are calling for snow tomorrow, starting at noon with the heaviest @ 5pm.....great. I already pre chopped my chili fixin's, Quadruple Chocolate brownies are done, tortilla pinwheels are made and chillin, spinach dip done and 70 Buffalo chicken meatballs are made.....whew.
Kael started with his Asthma "cough" tonight so I upped his flovent and gave him some stuff for his runny nose, please pray we caught it early enough for no predisone or Dr visit. Sage is still coughy but she really has a time at night, we have been giving her Motrin and those homeopathic ear drops for ear pain. Have a feeling she will be going back to Dr.
I am loving looking at houses on the internet ......really helps with deciding what we don't want in a home......but I really love those Granite counter tops, oh yeah and a open kitchen....LOL. Have a great Super Bowl Sunday and Geaux Saints......Who Dat !!!!!