Saturday, January 9, 2010

Vision Therapy

We had his tests done on Thursday and he scored poorly on most which means 25 weeks of Therapy. They wanted to do 40 but we will not be here for 40 more weeks so after 25 they will evaluate and see if they need to send us to another place at our next Duty Station.We will start on the 19th. Go Here for more info
Maddie has still not gone back to school and Kael only went 1.5 days last week. Thankfully they are not calling for any snow next week and one day will get above freezing. I don't think we will ever get rid of this snow. The kids will now be taking swim lessons on Mon and Weds next Month, wonder where I can buy bathing suits in January???
Sage ( otherwise Known as Freakishly strong Baby) still continues to amaze us....she climbs everything, gets into everything esp the fridge and china cabinet and her words are so clear ( Papa would have been happy since he could not understand the other 2 for years....LOL).
This week we are making Pioneer Womans Chicken fried steak.....arteries around the world just clogged....LOL. Ya'll enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Still Snowing

So Cranberry Juice and H2O seem to be working for Maddie. It started snowing here about 1030 and I got all the way to Maddie's school ( her first day back ) and everyone was walking out. Your right they canceled it....think they could have decided that say a hour earlier??? Brian got Kael out when he was done...Kael said he was the first taken out of his class which is strange since the post was shutting stuff down but to each his own.
They have already canceled his school tomorrow. Brian goes in with a 2 hour delay and we still have Kael's eye appt tomorrow.

So Cowboy Calzone.......its yummy but mine were sure not as pretty as Pioneer Woman's, LOL. Kael really enjoyed them, he is obsessed with anything pizza like these days. One of my best friends growing up lost her father this week and every time it makes me reflect on how many people have come and gone in my life and the little footprints they leave on me. His was ritz crackers dipped in BBQ those were good.
So give hugs and lots of luv cause life is short.

1) Kael with IND Jones Lego....yes its backwards so is his shirt, thats kael for Ya
2) Lady on Post makes those bags out of uniforms is'nt it cute?
3) Sage with her baby who cry's for her pacifier or Ba Ba and really sucks and breathes ( it is freaky people just FREAKY ) Sage was trying to give it the pacifier
4) his Guitar From Santa....

Monday, January 4, 2010

You guessed it comes more Snow

I must be living in Alaska or upper state NY because it never flippin stops......which ok after awhile and 10 inches of snow still on the ground you stop caring but when it is constantly below zero it gets a little annoying. So you scrappers.....I used my cricut....finally after 2 years I used it took forever to actually get the paper to cut with all the stupid dials and all and I might have cut the mat a couple of times and the first 6 times I pushed cut there was no blade in the machine but I used my cricut. Whew....and the Thank you cards are made just drying and we are done.

I got Maddie a appt with the Kidney Dr @ children's Mercy for March 17th, I know right but specialist are busy. But it worked out because Brian will have spring break then. She is either the most unlucky girl or a Hypochondriac .....4 days ago we started itching ( down there ) so I cut out bathes she leaks urine which we can not figure out if its because she is scared to use the bathroom downstairs and will not stop playing to the very last minute so then she must run upstairs with a full bladder or not? So I will be pushing H2O and cranberry juice tomorrow in hope that it will fix the problem or problems.
Hopefully Kael goes back to school tomorrow but Kansas City is closing its schools tomorrow because of the high only being 10. He is ready......he really needs structure and a schedule to follow so when he doesn't get those for awhile you can tell a difference plus I am very excited for him to get back into OT. Stay Warm And Happy Spaghetti Day

I forgot to tell ya I made Homemade Pizza Dough today.....I really did. It is sitting in the fridge waiting for me to make Pioneer Woman's Cowboy Cal-zones. I got her cookbook from Bambi and I am going to make one of her recipes a week ...don't you just love her blog?????