Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Still Snowing

So Cranberry Juice and H2O seem to be working for Maddie. It started snowing here about 1030 and I got all the way to Maddie's school ( her first day back ) and everyone was walking out. Your right they canceled it....think they could have decided that say a hour earlier??? Brian got Kael out when he was done...Kael said he was the first taken out of his class which is strange since the post was shutting stuff down but to each his own.
They have already canceled his school tomorrow. Brian goes in with a 2 hour delay and we still have Kael's eye appt tomorrow.

So Cowboy Calzone.......its yummy but mine were sure not as pretty as Pioneer Woman's, LOL. Kael really enjoyed them, he is obsessed with anything pizza like these days. One of my best friends growing up lost her father this week and every time it makes me reflect on how many people have come and gone in my life and the little footprints they leave on me. His was ritz crackers dipped in BBQ those were good.
So give hugs and lots of luv cause life is short.

1) Kael with IND Jones Lego....yes its backwards so is his shirt, thats kael for Ya
2) Lady on Post makes those bags out of uniforms is'nt it cute?
3) Sage with her baby who cry's for her pacifier or Ba Ba and really sucks and breathes ( it is freaky people just FREAKY ) Sage was trying to give it the pacifier
4) his Guitar From Santa....

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Bambi said...

Glad the first recipe was a success! We love Ree! The expressionn on Kael's face is priceless. Hope you were able to get some on video...will be fun to look back at when they grow up! Happy to hear that the alternatives are working for Maddie. Have fun with the snowy weather! You may wind up with Wash. St. where you get all rain.