Sunday, March 28, 2010

Disney On Ice

As most of ya know we are a Disney Family...Love everything Disney and Disney on Ice was no different. We loved it. First half is Mickey,Minnie car breaking down and everyone trying to help. 2nd part is Tinkerbell and the fairies.
It has been a crazy busy weekend here.....Friday we had Maddie's drive in movie at school, all the kids had to make cars out of boxes to fit in. Some parents have too much time on their hands ( pictures to come later). Then we all had to hit Kohl's 40 mins away since I got my 30% coupon this week. So we had to get all necessities because I will not get another one till Christmas time. After that it was dinner at Perkins which we did because they are touting this Kids eat free thing. I was not that impressed with the food or the savings.....maybe their breakfast is better then their dinner's?
Saturday Brian took Kael and Maddie to see Diary of a wimpy Kid. After they had a friend over for a few hours while her parents went to a fund raiser. Today I went to a Half Day Consignment sale at the some great deals esp for Sage....even got some outfits she can wear in the Fall in GA. Then after a Taco dinner here we took a walk on the river.....there is a 3.3 mile trail but it was closed for flooding but we got quite a good walk in.

Weds is Maddie's last day so they are doing a Easter Party and Egg hunt.....we are suppose to send in plastic eggs filled with either candy or toys with the kids names written on them, should be fun. Kael's Last day is Thursday and we are sending in 4 Doz hard boiled eggs for something Norwegian???? In laws get here Thursday night to visit this weekend so it should be a busy week.

Ya'll have a great week.