Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Be a Pee and Poop Detective

We went to the Kidney center yesterday and due to the Dr having a emergency we ended up going to the actual hospital. Very nice but its kids in the hospital which is sad and brings up alot of questions from a 5 year old girl who is ( thankfully) healthy. So the NP had a Consult with Dr who specializes in PKD and he said as long as her urine was clean and BP was normal no testing for that....Yeah.....plus in the real world that would follow her around and be a pre existing condition.....No thank you.
They are not worried about Night time wetting....maybe next year we do a alarm if it continues but she is still too young. They call her a "sensitive" bladder so we have a note for school next year so she does not have to hold her pee......plus we remind her every 2 hours to go.....we eliminate all carbonated bev except clear ones as a treat. We also go on a fiber supplement trying to get her to BM after breakfast and not at bedtime as she has been doing ( who knew U should poop in the AM only??? anyone???)
I am just glad I should not worry, its not PKD, its not low muscle tone....its normal....whew !!
Now onto the boy.....another red bear......and he did so well.....finally passed his 7 speed drills today so he got back his DS until we got back from Therapy and saw his folder was a red bear ( talking and being silly during class time) So we took EVERYTHING away and if there is anything but Green Bears from now until Field trip day he stays home with me on that day and after that he will not get to do a entry into the science fair. His Therapist wanted to know if I thought he was getting upset about moving but I don't think so he is excited to go to GA.....maybe he has overheard about Daddy Deploying again?? Who knows....hopefully this is it for Red or Yellow Bears.
Sage goes around like a maniac.....then she goes all sweet....cleaning, cooking....awwww. Tonight it was all about The Wonder Pets Ming Ming....she goes around " Thisp is Serious" ....I must get that on video...she cracks me up. Tomorrow is Parent Teacher conf with Maddie's Teacher and swim lessons for the kids. Hoping I get some Yard sale stuff done tomorrow...UGH