Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What the Hell Wednesday

Back again this week with Blue Monkey Butt's What the Hell Wednesday. First was Maddie still being sick this week so I took her to the Dr on Thursday to avoid the whole ER thing, because the Base got a 4 day weekend which means EVERYTHING shuts down so all must go to ER if your sick. So the Dr said she was a little Wheezy but wants to avoid chest x ray to rule out Pneumonia because the link to Thyroid,breast,lung, etc cancer. Sends us home with Albutural and guess who flippin ends up in the ER on Saturday getting a chest Xray? Really, I understand we want to avoid all unnecessary exposure of a young girl to radiation but she has had pneumonia before which makes her likely to get it so just rule it out before you send her home to get worse and suffer more then she should....really What the Hell?

Now the ER that deserves it's own What the Hell. We were only behind 2 other patients waiting to be seen so its moving pretty good for a holiday weekend. But there is a "guy" there with his wife, toddler, infant and his mother ( why we all had to come for the infant to be seen I will never understand? ) and he is on a loud rant about the "guy" who took hostages at our Hospital about a month ago. On and on about how he was "crazy" and he would have just killed him ....blah blah ......wife is trying to be polite by telling him to lower his voice and the "guy" was not crazy just suffering and needed help. What the Hell "guy? My kids are listening to you, I do not need them knowing about a "guy" with a gun at the hospital or do I or they need to hear you call somebody that needs Mental help crazy......

Yesterday we came home and they had taken out more trees in our "Under Construction" Subdivision to put in another street......oh joy because really who needs to breathe??? Don't forget to head on over to Stacey and Elle's Blue Monkey Butt for more What the Hell Wednesday fun.