Saturday, April 17, 2010

Beautiful day for a trip to the Zoo

So we made it to the Zoo......and surprise Sage loved it, esp the monkey's. Kael and Maddie have never been "into" the zoo so it was a nice surprise to actually have a good time. So back to the real world tomorrow.....lawn mowing, grocery shopping and trying to get motivated to start getting ready for my May 1st yard sale.
Next Saturday is the Post Wide Yard Sale......Waaaaa Hooooooo......hoping to find some good deals.......Mon and Weds is swim lessons, Tues is Therapy for Kael and Weds is our 7th Wedd Anniversary ......which I never remember so I gave him the card last week cause I knew it was sometime around the middle of April ...yes my memory is that bad.
This pic is from a play date we had the Thursday before Easter with our friend's

Maddie's school Easter Egg was steamy that day......all chocolate in those eggs was liquid by the time we were done.

Y'all have a great weekend.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Professional Portraits

So in case you missed it I hit another vehicle this know the vehicle that we will pay off next know my Mom van.....ugh. I have been kicking myself all friggin week .....I did not do any damage to SUV I hit ......just my bumper. I pulled in to the parking space and that is when I saw there was a cart half in the space ( Look lazy people put the D*** cart where it goes....don't just push it up on the curb ....) so I knew I could not fit in there between 2 cars so I backed out and did not cut the wheel sharp enough and screeeeeeeeeeeeech . Thank God she was nice and just said forget about it..........I felt sooooooooo bad......she is a foster mom to 4 kids 2 who have special needs ( 8 month old on a feeding tube and 12 month old who has fetal alcohol ) plus has 3 of her own and a foreign exchange student......OMG the guilt.
So do you think Hubby has said a thing?????? Nooooooooooo.....if he had done it I would still be riding his butt.....he would never be able to forget it but him no, not a word.....he even waited 4 days for me to finally give all the details............yes I realize I am evil....bwhahaaaaaaaa. The house is 95% done.......I am so ready to move. Sadly we have friends who still have not found a home and there are lots here who don't have orders yet.....ouch.
Tomorrow we are going to the Zoo ( hopefully) and then moving Maddie back to her room ( she can not deal with Sage she says ) I don't know what we will do about bedrooms in GA now. Night all

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What in the world?

Sage's Easter hiding eggs "talked" Yoo Hoo over here
Easter Bunny fun.....
Kael was Blue, Maddie was pink and Sage was purple

I am still sick......whatever it is is kicking my butt. Took Sage to the Dr Thurs and they said bronchitis for her plus she was a little dehydrated...poor kid. But she seems better as of today....Kael and Maddie still cough. Did not do the yard sale so we are looking at May 1st ......The house is coming some new pictures today and the carpet and wood floors are down....only thing we could tell had not been done was bringing in some appliances. Kael went to the dentist Friday and there is a cavity in a back baby molar so we will fill it the end of the month. Wanted to post some Easter pics before bed so good night and have a great week.