Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What the Hell Wednesday

Time for another What The Hell Wednesday brought to you by Elle and Stacey at Blue Monkey Butt.

First off this week is me falling off the kids playground backwards. I was trying to be all Artsy Fartsy with my new Cannon Rebel by taking pics above the fence. Wet Grass+ sandals+metal rails+a idiot not holding onto anything= me on the ground(wet ground,no less) with right leg still 3 rails up stuck. Best part was our neighbor's kid was over playing while all this happen ( Ahem, I meant to do that ). But the camera never hit the ground ( Whew) !!

Second is all this week everyone is talking about bullying, having protests, TV shows dedicating whole hours on how to teach your kids not to be a bully and the 7 year old comes home talking about a classmate who said he would stop calling my kid names if he pays him 4 quarters. Somebody's Momma better be catching some Ellen and Dr Phil this week or this Momma will be having a meeting !!

And Last The Commissary ( Military Grocery store ) has 2 whole aisles of Halloween candy and smack dab in the middle of the aisle is a display of Advent Calenders ????????WTH ????? Can I please get thru with this Holiday and Thanksgiving before I get to countdown to Christmas ???

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