Saturday, July 24, 2010

The one where Mommy gets back to basics

Sorry about the same pics.....I have taken some just not on the puter yet. So today was Mow day, 100+ but that seems to be the norm this summer. So I started on the front when Sage went down for a nap, and it took probably hour but must take breaks to check on kids and get water before I DIE, so more like hour and 3o mins. By the time I finished and weed eat the front Sage is up. She pretty much rides the jeep around the back yard while I mow but with the playground she gets distracted. So while she was trying to slide down her big brother pushed her.....even though he was warned yesterday and the day before. So for the second time this week he sat at the dining room table and wrote......3 sheets of college rule...
So that is the reason for no new pics...I am physically and mentally burnt tonight. So I will be relaxing soon.....I did pull up some stuff today on Homeless/hungry kids in America to talk about with them( the greed is crazy in this house) Kael got it but Maddie not so much....I asked them last night to help me find Sage's night night binky and both wanted money to help me....UGH !! Was not a good night.....I Know they are young but this is just too much.
So Monday we go to the school and do registration.....Maddie has to take a placement test. Afterwards probably gonna hit the big city for school supplies.....Staples is doing free back packs after rebate and office depot has theirs B1G1 characters this year....just basics ...Have a great Sunday.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

plain crazy .......

Today was the kids school physical day, which they tell you only takes a few mins so the kids are scheduled back to back.....well of course the nurse can not find Sage's first year of shots. Sage was born in a civilian hospital and was seen by a private practice since Brian was finishing up his time at Xavier ROTC. So low and behold the records were never put in the computer, just a folder so now the poor nurse has to make us a shot record, along with trying to figure out what shots Kael and Maddie got while we were in Ohio......If you are in the military never...ever go ROTC or recruiter unless you are very close to a is a nightmare for records. See when we move from base to base it all follows nice and neat but if you have to take it off base oh my lordy. I am joking (somewhat) but since the Army was going to a computer system when we left Bragg for Ohio none of our stuff was entered like it should have but hopefully it will work itself out the years the kids are here.
So between Ohio and Kansas the kids missed some shots.....which thrilled them and me to death. The Nurse today....LOVE HER.....she copied everything for me so I would have a copy at home and was so kind to do all this. We took off to the other side of the hospital to get shots except for paperwork it was fast....Sage was pissed before we even got there, Kael had worked himself into a frenzy and was chanting over and over it's gonna hurt and Maddie who had to have the most just sat there quietly. So again I got a great nurse....she was quick, distracting and gave me personal copies of what she did.....LOVE HER, too. Finally got home for Sage to nap and she had crackers all in her seat, so I took it out to dump it....looked kinda dingy so I must wash it ....take off the cover....ewwww now I must clean whole the tub .....ewwww .....OMG U don't wanna I must clean tub......all this took 2 we were late to get some dinner. And get this on the way to get something I came up with the brilliant idea to just "run" into Wal Mart for a bird feeder....hour later we finally got food. And of course the kids are hot,grumpy, and hungry all because I can not focus on (1) thing.......and then I wonder where they get it from.
Tomorrow nothing is "planned" or scheduled so I hope to get paperwork done and bills paid during the silence.......hoping to purge some rooms this week ......wish me luck

Pics from the park on was 100+ that day so we had it all to ourselves .....all the sane people were at the pool.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sibling Wars

That is what it feels like the trip to NC was no better.....they fight all the time. I am hoping it is just that they have spent too much time together and will get better since school starts soon and I can hopefully get them into some kind of rec program. Today it got so brutal Kael bit 10:06pm he is still sitting at the dining room table writing 100 times I will not bite Maddie.
As you can see today was the big day for our installation of the play system, see above as to why you see no pics of Kael out there...ahem. Of course Sage straddled a metal pole ( oh my I can not even imagine the pain, but I'm sure quite a few men can....LOL) but 30 mins later she was ready to go back out. We had a nice visit to NC, too short but that is our life now.
Hoping to get some grocery shopping done, post office visits, and recycle.....lots to do with us being gone 3 days. Weds is Dr appt's day for school physical's plus I'm trying to get the kids some extra stuff to do just to keep them busy for the next 2 weeks ( pray they go fast )
Time to go see if he's past 80 yet.....Night y'all