Saturday, November 6, 2010

Faith Deployed Giveaway

I am so Happy to be giving away a copy of Faith Deployed by Jocelyn Green. I am even Happier my 4th Deployment is over but that is another story. I have never been the type of person to go to church....I am very spiritual but I have not found that church that I "click" with. I have always read daily devotionals along with the bible to be able to process the information and not be overwhelmed. Imagine my surprise when I received my copy of Faith Deployed and it was written that way.....not only that, after each story there was a prayer and question for you.

Each night after all 3 kids were asleep I read the short story of a Military Wife, just like myself who was dealing with the same struggles I was going through. I love the "Ask" at the end of each story......made me think and question myself. The stories are short enough for me to be able to sneak it in no matter how long my day had already been and I always felt better because even when it did not apply to my immediate situation it gave me encouragement. No matter what branch of Military our spouse is in we all have the same struggles at one time or another. If this is your first deployment or your 10th, you need this book. I received a copy to read for my review and it is the book that will stay on your nightstand, PCS after PCS, dog eared and bookmarked.

So Please leave me a comment for your chance to win your own copy of Faith Deployed. This contest will be open till Midnight November 13th. The winner will be notified Sunday November 14th by e-mail so please leave your e-mail address in your comment so I can notify you. I was given two copies of Faith Deployed by Moody Publishers and Jocelyn Green and can not thank them enough. Please visit for more information on the book, the author and how to Join them on Facebook.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


I can't give out details but this deployment is almost over. I also have a Veterans Day giveaway coming up that I am very excited about. Halloween was a total bust here.......our Subdivision is fairly new ( lots of new construction ) but there are lots of people already living here so you think there would have been someone giving candy out but No .....apparently all here go on post to Trick or Treat. By the time we got on post it was already a hour into Trick or Treating and most people had already run out of candy. The kids got 5 pieces ........Kael said it was the worst Halloween ever, I have to agree. But Daddy is coming home so all will be better soon.

As far as sickness goes we seem to be on the road to a full recovery but I'll be sure to spray the house down with Lysol before Brian gets here .....LOL. Can you believe it is less then a month away from Black Friday?????? Happy Halloween Y'all