Friday, April 18, 2014

Disney Red ankle rash

After our last trip to Disney this week, just 2 days to Magic Kingdom and Epcot, I got the same red rash around my ankles I always get. This time I goggled Red ankle rash and got a message board with one common theme, we had all been to Disney. Some of these people had even gone to the first aid station at Magic Kingdom because of the pain/swelling. Seems Disney medics see this alot due to the heat/humidity of Orlando, because you are walking on asphalt all day and the sun reflects on the asphalt it hits your ankles.....think about it especially if you wear the ankle socks or capris.....the rash never goes below or above whats covered in fabric. 

Some suggestions were Gold Bond powder or Eucerien lotion to prevent this. I'm gonna try longer socks or extra sunscreen next time and see if it works. Hope this helps someone else out, I figured with the walking 7+ miles on asphalt I was just breaking capillaries in my ankle.

Love and Light,