Saturday, January 9, 2010

Vision Therapy

We had his tests done on Thursday and he scored poorly on most which means 25 weeks of Therapy. They wanted to do 40 but we will not be here for 40 more weeks so after 25 they will evaluate and see if they need to send us to another place at our next Duty Station.We will start on the 19th. Go Here for more info
Maddie has still not gone back to school and Kael only went 1.5 days last week. Thankfully they are not calling for any snow next week and one day will get above freezing. I don't think we will ever get rid of this snow. The kids will now be taking swim lessons on Mon and Weds next Month, wonder where I can buy bathing suits in January???
Sage ( otherwise Known as Freakishly strong Baby) still continues to amaze us....she climbs everything, gets into everything esp the fridge and china cabinet and her words are so clear ( Papa would have been happy since he could not understand the other 2 for years....LOL).
This week we are making Pioneer Womans Chicken fried steak.....arteries around the world just clogged....LOL. Ya'll enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Bambi said...

Cannot believe the snow! Mountains of it! It'll take forever to melt. Hope the vision therapy works...wonder how we turned out normal? Where did all these issue kids are dealing with now come from? LOVE the Bambi that for my rabbit! Hope the next PW recipe turns out great! I'd order the swimsuits online. Do the ones from last year not still fit?

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

Hope it works too....and none of us are normal ( look at the symptoms list and side effects ) I bet you can relate....remember we use to be Hyper active now they call them ADHD. That was from Jan and David, Mae told me about it black Friday. Cute huh? Kael's probably if I could find them and Maddie ....mmmm...NO !!!

Julie From Inmates said...

I too am seriously sick of snow. We've seen tons of it the last few weeks!!! Hope the vision therapy works. My Alex has a time with his eyes, too... *big sigh*

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

Thanks I hope so....its a wonder how we got through school and life. I still could not pass half the tests they gave him.