Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Party?

I think ( hope) we are ready. They are calling for snow tomorrow, starting at noon with the heaviest @ 5pm.....great. I already pre chopped my chili fixin's, Quadruple Chocolate brownies are done, tortilla pinwheels are made and chillin, spinach dip done and 70 Buffalo chicken meatballs are made.....whew.
Kael started with his Asthma "cough" tonight so I upped his flovent and gave him some stuff for his runny nose, please pray we caught it early enough for no predisone or Dr visit. Sage is still coughy but she really has a time at night, we have been giving her Motrin and those homeopathic ear drops for ear pain. Have a feeling she will be going back to Dr.
I am loving looking at houses on the internet ......really helps with deciding what we don't want in a home......but I really love those Granite counter tops, oh yeah and a open kitchen....LOL. Have a great Super Bowl Sunday and Geaux Saints......Who Dat !!!!!

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Bambi said...

How bout them Saints? Can't believe it! Hope the party was a huge success and most all of the food was consumed. Sounds like the resp. stuff is running wild amoungst all! And the snow will not help. Are you still looking in Hinesville? Did you find another area? Looks like Kael loves his Nano. And why is Miss Sage on the train table?