Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Peaches, Magnolia trees, Paula Deen

99% sure we have Ft Stewart Ga as our new home in July......by March we will be 100% sure. We had Vision Therapy today and she was very thrilled with how he is progressing. On other notes we need help getting him to learn the value of a dollar......Bambi said there was a guy on Oprah so if any of you watch Oprah and saw this please please let me know. I have done NO cleaning for the Party Sunday.....hoping to start some tomorrow......still have food to buy and prep. They are calling for Snow Thursday night into Friday and then again Monday.

Maddie still coughing not as much but still there. Sage is hacking up lungs and getting runny/stuffy nose. Brian actually had a free afternoon so she stayed home today. I bought Kael 3 pair of jeans at Old navy hopefully these last at least a month. Brian figured we will be 5.5 hours away from my hometown so hopefully this will perk/cheer my Granny up.......Great Grand Children are good for that.

These are from Friday......Kael still has BBQ sauce on his mouth from the ribs they made. The Cowboy hat did look better.....he stuffed it in his backpack to bring home.....gotta love him.

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Bambi said...

Okay, is that supposed to be a sperm? I'm like, what's that got to do with Kansas' birthday? And I can't even think of what else is might be? I'm glad you explained that it was a cowboy hat...I had no idea. Don't over do things and be so exhausted you can't enjoy the party. Oh, and by the way
on the possibility of GA!!!!!!! Fingers crossed!!!!!!