Friday, September 3, 2010

First Day of DayCare

Excuses time : Busy,Busy, Sick and Busy

The Homework kills me on Monday thru Thursday, I get done and guess what its time to make dinner. After dinner clean up the kids wanna play and who can deny them ( they only get recess on certain days and that varies) Sage bath, Maddie shower,snack, make lunches, get uniforms ready, meds and bedtime routine.

This week was really bad because I am battling a cold/virus. I am already bored with dinner choices ( hard when you deal with picky eater ALL THE TIME ) These were pics from her first day. Second time she went she cried the WHOLE time.....Third time cried when I took her but she did calm down.

Happy Labor Day weekend

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Bambi said...

Hope you're feeling better and the kiddos haven't contracted it. Enjoy the extra day homework. Hang in there...Daddy will be home soon and you can divide and conquer the homework. Sage is too cute with her big girl backpack. Still needs a bang trim before her neck gets tired of being tilted back to see ;O)