Sunday, February 22, 2009

Double Ear infection

That was Maddie, exactly one week after she went to the Dr we ended up in Urgent Care with the right one infected and by the next AM when Sage had her 6 month check up both were infected. She has one more day of Antibiotics. Sage has been snotty, coughy just plain yucky. Kael started Friday Am but wanted to go to school, hes just had a annoying fever and no runny nose. Of course I have it and Brian returned from being gone all weekend tonight and hes sick too. Ours is all head cold and hopefully this is it !!!! Sage's six month check up was well, she is off the charts with height, weight and head weight, 28 height, 18 and a quarter head. But she is also at 9 month milestones.....can pull herself up, sits up fully with no support , etc. She got up from nap today and I was putting clothes away and she pulled herself up from the crib....was standing up on the mattress.....MAJOR HEARTATTACK !!!!!! So Daddy was infromed as soon as he got here.....Lower the Mattress all the way to the bottom....she is so strong it is scarey !!!! Tuesday Kaels school had a open house so he got to take Daddy and show him around his school and meet his could tell Kael was so happy........Me and the girls will go Weds ....its read a thon week.....tommorrow is Hat day, Tues a kids author is coming, Kael has book fair weds so we will meet him in the Libary and they will pick out their books, Thurs is PJ Day and Friday is Spirit day or Black and orange day. Tommorow I go to the clinic and hopefully they will check my Thyroid.....its my annual.....can you believe this time last year I was just starting to show with Sage ????? Maddie so amazes me with her "book Smarts" she can do fill in the correct letter on words, she figures out mazes.....with if I could get some " be a good girl smarts" .....LOL......I know ....I know.....shes 3 and she is Mini Kim or NaNa Fayes to watch some Oscars......I just got the Reader with Kate Winslet , I should have watched it before but oh well.......HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO Papa Bruce and Granny ...

This was Kael in the outfit you just saw Sage in.....LOL....and it was Valentines Day

This was just a funny pic of him.....but you see him in his Bouncer eating....she already hates the bouncer and sits in the highchair to diffrent.

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Bambi said...

Oh the memories....where did the time go? Sounds like you have a very hectic week coming up (what else is new)...just wait until there are 3 with extracurricular activities to keep up proud of Maddie and Sage's accomplishments...remember to get pics and videos...Sage will be walking next time I see her...I know how Brian felt Kael's first miss so much. Hope the MD visit goes well and you find answers.