Friday, March 20, 2009

Just a Quickie

Kael's has fifth disease .....viral rash that comes after a cold 7 to 10 he has been covered in a rash that is awful......but He went to school, he wanted to and he was not contagious( he was 7-10 days ago ) .

Maddie may be going to PT on Thursday at 3pm which is perfect since she is there at 2pm for OT.....keep your fingers crossed they are suppose to let us know Monday. She really had a work out at OT yesterday but they did give us some exercises for home so I will be teaching Daddy and Kael those this weekend.

I have a massive abscess so I am on a abnormal amount of antibotics.......Thank God the other 2 are showing no signs of rash, keep your fingers crossed. Have a great Weekend

Just a Pic of the girls


Bambi said...

Hope this finds everyone as healthy as possible. Where's the abcess? What's up with the "Bengals" sweatshirt? Can't believe how big Sage has gotten! Are we prepared for the trip? Remember to take pics along the way! And a small notebook to journal.

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

I got it at a huge discount and she likes the tiger....No we are not ready....not even close .....LOL.