Friday, March 13, 2009

There were no PT openings today.......

So we have to call again next Friday and maybe a therapist will have a opening. Yesterday was OT and she really did alot of core exercises.....swinging in a hammock on her belly with arms and legs extended she had to push off and grab frogs laying all over the floor and throw them in a basket......I was exhausted just watching her. She wants a list of goals from us and the pre school next week on what we think she needs help on so she can take care of far as OT she is not far behind....PT seems to be the big deal. Can U believe we are going to Disney in less then 3 weeks???? What ???? Where did the time go? Thank God our refunds made the bank last night I was stressing not having any money for the trip. Kael's teacher is giving him the " class trip " scrapbook to take with him to work on.....thats his "homework". I was scared to tell her because everyone had told me that the schools don't like you pulling them out for a week but he's only missed 3 days so far and can U believe they were all stomach bugs???? No colds for him....I guess him gettting sick so much has helped???? Sage is "scooting " all over the floor trying to get them 2, I do not allow her in the dining room/playroom because she moves so fast now......scarey !!! We have to get our Thank You cards done this weekend and hopefully hit the outlet stores Sunday to get some warm weather clothes for FL.....I have been cleaning out closets, drawers, storage for last years summer clothes and they have mostly outgrown them.....I can not wait for my Yard Sale in May and get rid of the clutter !!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe thats her hanging there???

Doesn't it look like shes wiping her brow????


Bambi said...

Okay, what is that under her tutu? Looks like a piece of rolled up paper? And how great is it that the "teachers" are reading their cards and writing down the names of the gift givers/gifts?!?! But what's up with the "spotter"? Needs to keep his eyes on the kids...What a load of gifts she got...the container is overflowing!

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

Her name tag, it kept falling off. She was very "blessed" with gifts. It was nice, they took care of it all, even took the gifts downstairs.