Saturday, March 28, 2009

Time to gooooo

So we leave tomorrow, will get to TN and then to somewhere near Tampa Fl Monday night to spend until Saturday Am with in Laws. Saturday we get to Orlando and see Animal Kingdom.....Sunday probably Magic Kingdom or MGM. I have no clue if we will even have internet at either place. Today ( finally) Kael's 2nd tooth feel out......the adult tooth is already there as U can see, I just hope it straightens out cause its all crooked now....We bought a Van topper so we could carry all our junk to FL and not be so crowded but found out today that we don't have the correct bars on top of the van........yeah ...uh huh....still going on about this, yes I am !!!!! So hopefully things get better from here, my MIL called ( they got to the condo today ) and said there is a washer/dryer in the unit so I'm packing detergent. OK Ya'll have a good week or 2 and I'll post soon !!!

1) the teeth

2) Busted.....she pulls our Granny doll down ....drives Maddie crazy cause thats "Granny" she puts her back in the chair for me.....LOL

3) This is Miss Carly, Maddie's fav Tumble bee teacher, she is going on to college and we will miss her !!!!!

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Bambi said...

Happy for Kael that the tooth fairy was able to leave him money for his Disney trip :O) Sage is in need of a haircut...too funny about the Granny doll. Hope you all have a fabulous time, a safe trip and have lots of stories to share when you return! Can't wait to see the pictures!