Friday, April 17, 2009

Never ending

Going to take Maddie to Dr for some down there itching???? She finally confessed that yes it was itchy and hurt.......the child never admits anything, scratching for awhile but every time we asked it oh no it doesn't. With that and the constantly sticking a finger up her nose or in her it a age thing?????

UPDATE.....she is just irritated prob from all the swimming and being in a wet bathing suit but Dr says little girls this age don't wipe good and keep wet panties too so we give sitz baths and put barrier cream on. But Dr said pus was in left ear but she could not tell if we were just starting or ending the ear infection so we have a Antibiotic scrip just hopefully we do not have to use it.

Her favorite Easter gift.........chewing on the greeting cards

Kael (with funky rash around the mouth ) and his gifts from Bambi


Bambi said...

Glad all seems okay with about the rash for Kael? And poor Sage's runny nose. Looks like Kael is growing out of the Thomas PJ's. I'm sure he already has the legos and car, but it's what I could find that would fit in the box. Did the easyer bunny leave a "trail" again this year?

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

ummm no they were all new to him so you did good but again the card was biggest hit with all .....oh yes how we will miss bunny tracks next year....if I or anyone knew who it was I would find out how and do it for our new neighborhood .....less then 36 hours to his derm visit .