Friday, April 10, 2009

We're Baaaaaaack

Sage with June from the Little Einsteins
Our first meeting with Jo Jo
Annie and Leo from Little Einsteins

So exhausted !!! We all had a blast but we all need a vacation from our Vacation. 1st night at the beach ended up in ER with Kael having a asthma attack, no clue what was going on but he could not stop coughing even after 2 albutural and a oxygen level at least after that he started recovering. Kael wanted to be in the pool 24/7......Maddie wanted to play on the beach 24/7. Sage just went with the flow. Got to Disney before noon on Saturday and did had fun hunting in the countries to get the passport stamps ( plus Kael has something educational to take to school ) We saw Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore in England. Sunday we did Hollywood Studios, it was so flippin hot but we saw Indy Jones stunt show ( cool ) the 3 did Star Tours and then we watched Jedi school ( Kael refused to go on stage?????? ) then we saw Playhouse Disney ( very cool ) me and Maddie went to Beauty and the Beast live on stage ( beautiful ) and exhausted ourselves.......we did eat at ABC commisary......Brian had a Dancing with the Stars Curry chicken.....LOL......yes there was a McDreamy sandwich. More later, I'm trying to get thru all my e-mail and laundry. plus I gotta do Bunny duty !!!!


Bambi said...

Just had to log on to see the pics. LOVE the one of Sage with June (what's up with the ladies face in the background?)and why does June only have one eyebrow? Missed JoJo so much...Sage looks like she was not sure what was going on. And is that a sticker that says "my first visit"? on Sage? Did they all get them? Did Maddie wear her Scooby Crocs long? Were they comfortable? Should have gotten her some of the red and black Disney Crocs. What's up with the shades, Kael? Can't wait to see all the pics. Thanks for sharing. Happy Easter!

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

Kael thought he was "cool", Disney crocs $30+ way, almost the whole trip, shes pretty much use to them now, it was a button and all 3 got one, we got we are celebrating plus we got Vacation club buttons, etc....lots of stuff for memory boxes and scrapbook.