Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dance Pics

More Stretching
Stretching before Ballet
Toe Taps to your Parent

Most are over the "gunk" .....Maddie and Me got Flu Misted yesterday.....Sage got one of the last shots ( they ran out fast ) so Whoo Hoo.....Then we had Maddies Dance show for the Parents.....I was very Proud ( mostly surprised) that she was actually doing ( trying hard ) what the teacher told her.....usually if someone else starts doing their own thing ( which they did, quite a few ) she follows quickly but she focused......Yeah Maddie. Kael's Counselor called last night to get me to sign permission slips for him to get OT.....She said the OT had already been observing him in class and she was anxious to get started with him........I don't know how to take that......and of course the skies opened today so me and Maddie tried to keep umbrellas over all of us but we got soaked .....Sage loved the rain though.....kept looking up.....all I could think of was a chicken drowning......LOL..... Off to La La Land.

More Pics to follow

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Bambi said...

Yeah Maddie!!!!! Not sure how OT thinks they can help Kael? But if they can, that's good. Sage needs some rain boots so she can splash in the puddles.