Saturday, October 31, 2009

She is a big kid now

Sage rode her first ride last weekend at Worlds of Fun.............first ride with no parent................My heart was in my throat the whole time....LOL. She had a blast riding with Maddie and Kael got to ride with baby smaller then Sage but older ( Have I mentioned my ginormous off the Charts daughther??? ) I know .........I know, I am a week behind in pictures . This week was CRAZY.........first it was Red Ribbon week so Monday it decorating his shoes, Tuesday he could not go to school due to Asthma then I ended up in the pharmacy for 1.5 hours waiting on predisone, Weds he was to wear a Fav team Jersey but we don't have one........should have got a Tar Heel one ( Please note I am not a Carolina fan.....never have never will but I hate Kansas Jayhawks more and would love to get their goat ) Thurs it was shades but his teacher had those that said Say no to drugs and we got into the Dr.

His Dr upped his Inhaled steroid ( Flovent ) from 44mcg to 110 mcg this is suppose to prevent him from having asthma related coughing when he catches a cold...........he stays on 2 puffs twice a day for a week and then back to a normal 2 puffs once a day. He finally "broke" Thurs and he is still hacking it up ( Thank You God...........he sounds awful but it is sweet music to my ears ).

Thursday evening the girls and me headed to Target to hopefully find a Hannah Montana costume for Maddie and a white sweat suit for Kael so I could make him "Diary of a Wimpy Kid " for Book parade Friday. Please note if your child is behaving Badly all October and her punishment is no getting a costume until she is good go ahead and buy the costume before the stores run out............I did not and we could not find one anywhere............but my sometimes good natured child sucked it up and said she would be a fairy if she could have pink hair.

Now to anybody who ever doubted that "We are that Family " ......I drew stick figure legs and arms on a pair of white long johns ( there are no white sweat suits anywhere ), sent Kael to school with a pair of shorts and T shirt over the long johns for the parade.............Daddy picked Kael up from school ( The girls were at Maddie's Fall festival ) and that boy came home in just Long Johns........yes my son walked around school all day in long underwear and no one said a thing.

Happy Halloween Ya'll


Bambi said...

So do you think Maddie will want to be HM next year? Can't wait to see the Halloween pics. The baby on the ride with Kael linds looks like he did that time in the Avon box ;O) I think Sage is gonna have a problem giving up the pacifier...seems to be a constant in pics. Hope you got pics of the Long John incident...maybe he thought the shorts and shirt were the costume?

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

I doubt it......she will follow whoever is trendy which Toy Story 3 is coming out.....Oh well better a pacifier then a Stinky Ba just before pics