Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'mmmmm Back

Man this week dragged and flew, which seems impossible but its not. I spent Tues, Weds and Thurs going from one house to another and it was totally overwhelming. It was exhausting trying to listen, write, ask questions and take pics. And some of the homes........OMG.......but We think we are done. Now all the fun starts........paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork. Oh and lets not forget.........lots of money!!!! I thought the pollen in GA was kicking my butt but I have a full blown cold, or maybe all the drainage and gunk caused this in my chest....who knows? While I was gone.....Kael spun himself silly and fell into the coffee table busting his head. Poor Brian got to experience my Murphy's Law since he had taken the van apart to clean it so while Kael is holding a bloody cloth to his head Brian had to put the Van back together, get the other 2 ready and find the ER....all the while he forget his wallet with his ID .....LOL. But all was good they had Kael in the system because well you know he's Kael and he must visit every stinkin ER in the US before he turns 18. And to prove what a small town this is, the nurse remembered Kael....LOL.

Last night it started snowing and it is still snowing....what a way to welcome spring? We did make it to our Disney on Ice show tonight......wonderful show. So everyone goes back to school Monday and hopefully some normalcy.
You that have spring this weekend enjoy it and don't rub it in ....Have a great weekend.

Pics are from Maddie's dinner at T Rex.


Bambi said...

Like I said before...poor Daddy. It was bad enough he got thrown into all 3 at once for 3 days, but then to have an ED visit added...what a nightmare. Glad everything is now okay. Fingers crossed for an uneventful home buying process. Can't wait to see the house. Did Kael have his ears covered while they were singing "Happy Birthday"? Hope your cold is a quick one...sorry about the snow. In the 70's here...but working so didn't get a chance to enjoy :O(

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

He says he can not stand them singing ....hmmmm maybe jealous. Enjoy the 70's they will end soon with scorchers.