Sunday, May 23, 2010

Better luck next week?

Guess where we have been? Come on guess.....that is right ER again. Sage busted her head on dining room table and had to get it derma bonded.
Friday was the field trip for Maddie to the Topeka Zoo.....sadly it was so friggin muddy you could hardly do anything. Maddie went thru a tunnel on the play yard and her whole bottom half was covered. Then we were suppose to go to a park across the street and have our picnic lunch, along with about 500+ other kids on a field trip. And of course I turn around to clean Sage up and Maddie took off....scared me to death with that many kids. After that we left...not worth the stress. Thursday Kael went to the Asthma Dr who said the cough he is doing is post nasal drip so we are gonna see if a week of Zyrtec will control it. If not we will need a nasal spray too. We are down to the last week of school......Maddie has Graduation Weds and Kael only has a half day Friday. 28th we have a home inspector inspecting the GA house so we should know his report by next week. The 1st they are coming to do a assessment of our stuff to see what size truck, boxes, etc they need and they will start packing on the 7th. Hopefully I will get a video up in a few days of Sage singing/dancing. First pic is Sage and her new bed stuff....she's never had a pillow or blanket. Second is from the Zoo.


Bambi said...

You should have an honorary degree as an ED nurse with all of the time you've spent in them. LOVE the new bedding!!!!! Kael looks so excited to be visiting the zoo. Hope the home inspection is uneventful.

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

Yes I have earned it by now.....I know right, too friggin cute....they have art work too. That's his new I'm cool look