Sunday, May 2, 2010

Done !

Yard Sale that is......and as of last night, me too. I was exhausted and then I got a rude wake up call around 4am when my leg cramped up.....I guess I stood around too much yesterday running my mouth. But at least we got rid of the Bar Brian has had since his bachelor days ( Thank God it's gone ). My friend had a yard sale too ( she is a hoarder...2 car garage and just a goat path in it ) and she got rid of tons ( yeah for her ) and made over $900 ( Holy Crap ) !!!
Today we slathered on sunscreen on the kids and went to the Kansas Sampler at the park. So much fun seeing all the state has to offer...the kids got tons of SWAG ( pens, candy, notepads,toys,water,etc) we had a severe Thunderstorm pass while we were in a tent watching a man shear a sheep with hail so after that we walked thru mud but so worth it. Off to get ready to start the week......these are from a year ago...can U believe how they change? Look at her I did not take that pic but LOL !

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Bambi said...

So glad the yard sale is behind you and that some really old/big stuff won't have to go on the truck or in the new house ;O) Thanks for the old how they've grown...can't wait to see Sage! Enjoy as much of Kansas and surrounding states now, while you're still close enough to drive to these've got TONS to see in GA, FLA and SC...not to mention NC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!