Thursday, January 27, 2011

The new Norm

We seem to be back to a normal routine around here, somewhat. Last week we lost Brian's Grandmother Gena. He was able to fly out Saturday Morning and come back Tuesday. We are almost done with Kael's Basketball.....2 games next week and then the CHAMPIONSHIP the week after. Maddie is on week 3 of PT and now we do alot of core exercises......donkey kicks, crunches and reverse crunches. Also trying to make her ride her bike for longer periods at a time....trying to exhaust her muscles is how they described what she needs. They just celebrated the 100th day of school and the end of the second semester.

Sage is still on soy and no major problems. She is a dancing Queen and singing....she kills me. The dog we got in Dec, Cannon ( yeah I forgot to mention him for 2 months now) is as tall as Sage now and almost 20lbs so them playing is hilarious.

I need to start looking into which bowling alley on post to have Maddie's 6th Birthday ( I so wanted her to have a roller skating party but no luck ). We have to put Pavers under the fence in the back yard since Cannon is a digger .......ugh, but it is suppose to be nice this weekend so maybe it will get done. Hope everyone has a great weekend ......and you up North, I hope you thaw out soon !!!!

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Bambi said...

Cute updated look. So sorry to hear about Brian's grandmother. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I'm sure there are more trials to come for Cannon. Tell Maddie to keep up the good work. Hope Kael's remaining games are fun! Glad to hear Sage's issues seem better. Have a great weekend. Tell Maddie I need bday idaes.