Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Only word to describe -20 degree wind chills. I am up at this ungodly hour to get the kids to the Dr at 9am to finish the Flu shots. Trying to get all those last minute details finished plus I have been trying to finish up cleaning around here since we will be gone all next week. Maddie's Occ therapy does not start until Feb 2 but at least shes in the system. Kael's "chicken skin" rash is back under his arm.....I googled it but none of the pics really look like it but I also still believe he needs to be tested for food sensitivities but thats another story....maybe after the new year we can get it all done.....this month has just flown by. I made Hamburger/zucchini pie last night and Kael loved it....go figure......Maddie ate it but if its not pasta she really does not say much. Well I'm off to finish getting ready......I know some of ya'll will be out tomorrow just for the sport of it but try to have a peaceful Christmas Eve.

These were the ones we took, don't know why everyone has red eye....need to fix that. Thank goodness the real one does'nt.

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Bambi said...

Where are Sage's shoes...or footies...or some type of covering on her little tootsies!? Hope the doctor's visit goes well...maybe everyone will be very tired and ready to hit the bed early tomorrow night if we get up extra early in the morning! Hope Santa is able to get some rest...Christmas morning is sure to be an early one.