Friday, December 26, 2008

Hope ya'll had a wonderful Christmas

We did, busy and way to much stuff but that's ok its only one day a year. Sage has had a cold for 3 days now, so between that and getting ready we have been busy. The kids got Nintendo DS lite from Santa, they are portable game systems. I got Paula Deen cookware.....I also found me a Paula Deen ham on the 23rd so we have been eating alot of ham.....LOL....still have alot of ham and we are leaving Sunday, alot of wasted money. We are getting ready for our trip to NC , hopefully Sage will be better by then an no one else will be sick. There are tons Christmas pics but of course no one has bothered to download them yet....if they get up by tomorrow I'll post some, ya'll have a Happy and blessed New Year.

This was from our Christmas card photo shoot...LOL.

Sage with her morning "mush"

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Bambi said...

Santa was very generous to children who may not have been on their best behavior within the last few weeks, despite threats...he's a very forgiving ole soul. Can't wait to see all the pics...or get my hands on miss mush mouth :O) Please be careful driving...have a safe trip...hope everyone else stays healthy...enjoy the ham sandwiches on the ride down :O)