Sunday, December 14, 2008

How many fundraisers can a 5 year old do???

We have been in school 4 months now and have had to do 4 so far.....this last on was Cookie Dough so as of right now my freezer is full, Thank goodness most is going to Brian's Co Workers tomorrow......God Bless them or my Butt would be bigger then it is already....can you say White chocolate macadamia nut cookies??? So we have Maddie's Bake sale starting Tuesday,Maddie's Christmas party Thursday, Kael's Friday, Lt Col's Farewell dinner Weds night, Tumble Bees/ karate Tuesday night, Sages 4 month check up Weds or I have got to finish shopping and ship some least my card went out before Christmas. I got to go get my roast in the crock pot......See ya'll soon.

Maddie out in the snow while Daddy shovels the driveway.

Us trying to get our pics done.....poor Sage

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