Friday, December 19, 2008

Where did the flippin month go????

There are only 4 days until Christmas ......OMG.......Well School is done, Maddie had her party yesterday, we got her school pics weds ( not happy with those, too many teeth showing ) I baked all day Tuesday( Red Velvet Cookies, Chocolate dipped pretzels and a word to the wise do not bake brownies in Silcone Santa pans, not only did it take 1.5 hours but they stuck) since it snowed and Kael's school was cancelled. I finally got the treat bags and teacher gifts done in time. The dermatoligist for Kael is not until May ( he will not have a rash by then ) but I think I will call the Air Force base and get one there. Sage had her 4 month check up and shots yesterday, shes 16.13 lbs,24 and a quarter tall, 17 and 3 quarter head. Dr said go ahead with Veggies since she loves the cearel so much. Kael has had breathing problems all week, upped the Flovent to twice a day and also a couple of doses of Albutrual at night but I think he's better. It was 54 degrees today so I opened the windows to get rid of any bugs, tomorrow its suppose to be 30 and Sunday a high of 20 with flurries....ugh. Sage's dr went ahead and gave me a referral for Maddie to go to Occ therapy at Childrens Hospital but I have to wait 24 Hours for it to get in the system so I will not be able to call until Monday. I wanted to do a Paula Deen Smithfield crunchy Ham for Christmas but I can not find one anywhere so I guess I'll do Honeybaked....not looking forward to that line on Christmas Eve....last year they had cops there it was so crazy !!!!! Its past my bed time so I'll close for now....Ya'll enjoy this last crazy weekend and be safe.

Kael, Maddie and Daddy made this

Look how big she is now......she loves her Brother and Sister.

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Bambi said...

Sage looks like a chunky monkey!Looks like the formula is doing the same to her that it did to Maddie. The gingerbread house looks good, but Maddie looks like she ate some :O) Do you have to wait until Christmas Eve to get the ham? Please send some of the snow this way...too warm here for the season.