Saturday, December 6, 2008

Its Snowing

Well All Christmas decorations are up except the outside ones, its snowing now but I think they are still gonna go up tonight, its already 19 days until Christmas.....where did the time go??? Kael had no cavities this visit to the dentist and went to Karate again Thursday. Still working with Maddie to keep her mouth closed. Sage's new formula seems to be controlling the colic ( knock on wood) so hopefully in 3 weeks when we go back to NC its not like the Chicago trip. I got some Christmas shopping done yesterday and some wrapping done today. I'm having to mail gifts to NC because we have no extra room in the van....LOL. I got Wii Fit for my B-day ( yes we know its a month away ) and the kids and Brian have been setting up their profiles.....I will do mine when there is nobody here but Maddie, Sage and me....LOL....and yes I can put it under password....LOL. Well hopefully get some shopping done tomorrow.....

I love how she is looking at Maddie

This is Maddie's "work" from school....I think its outstanding what Mrs Caddigan has her writing.

PS for those who don't know click on the pic and it gets bigger so you can actually see it

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Bambi said...

Christmas will be here before we know it....I need to get their ornaments in the mail ASAP! Maddie is doing a SUPERB job with her writing! And Sage is changing so much...her face looks fuller from the angle of the shot. Very interesting to see how Kael and Maddie interact with Sage...much different than with Kael and Maddie...he was still a "baby" himself when she was born. Hope you get your shopping done.