Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Welcome to our new home

I will be blogging from here now. I will miss all my settings.....hopefully I can get those on this one if I remember how.....LOL. Maddie's visit with the ENT proved no adenoid or Tonsil enlargement so its just habitual mouth breathing or lack of muscle tone so we will see if maybe speech or physical therapy next??? Bigger news with her is her big left top tooth and the one beside it are ready to fall out, they are both being pushed up and are sooo loose. Kael's funky rash has come back so we will call the dermatologist. I hope ya'll enjoy the new blog but I need to go put away our Thanksgiving Stuff and get ready for Christmas before Tumble Bees tonight.

This was the Turkey Kael had to "disguise" so it would not get eaten....LOL....I got rid of alot of Halloween Candy but that paper weighed a ton !!!!!

Pic from Kael's reading assignment ....he has to pick his fav book each month and do a paper on it

Maddie had to get in on it too.

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Bambi said...

You can really see the rash around his mouth in the pic. And Maddie actually must be practicing keeping her mouth closed...hope she doesn't get a complex...she can still smile :O) Good luck with the new blog. And thanks for sharing the pics.