Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'm Meeeeeeeeeeeelting

Got up to 60 today so everything is yucky...muddy...ugh! We have Speech Therapy eval Monday.....PT called but they are booked until March 30th but of course that's when we are going to FL so I need to see if we can get on a waiting list or something.........we picked out a house but then someone told Brian we should live on post because its not good off post and parking on post is a hassle??????? Looked at housing.....YUCK......EWWWW !!! I will take my chances off post.....LOL.....hopefully Brian will get the paperwork done this weekend and we will know something this week and I can post pics. It has been crazy....both kids have got to do Valantines day cards, I am trying to get Maddie B-Day invites in the mail, Cousin Amira's first B-day is Thursday and we must get her gift that has been sitting here for 2 weeks in the mail.....I am always late!!!!! Had to push back my OB/GYN visit back until 24th since Maddie's appt is Thursday when I was suppose to go, so still stuck without knowing whats up with my thyroid???? Who gains weight while they are exercising and dieting??? Plus I have hit every cause for a underactive Thyroid.....over 35 ( check ) ex smoker ( check) Pregnant past year( check ) numerous head and neck x-rays ( check ) .....ugh......
Heres the Diva in the snow........she is such a DRAMA QUEEN........her favorite thing now is her spoon, she plays with it and if it gets out of reach or she drops it she has a flippin fit , I made the mistake of letting Maddie try some Babyfood off of the spoon and she saw it and screamed bloody murder........If this continues I will video tape it ....LOL.

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Bambi said...

Where are Sage's gloves? Or were we only out there long enough for the picture? And what's up with the spoon? The other two are scarded to death when you reference a spoon. Isn't it a mother's life that she has to put off doing for herself to do for the kids....but you do need to get checked....and how about the kidneys?