Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More flippin snow

We were only suppose to get a dusting but no we got 6 inches and it hit at rush hour.....so you in NC remember Raleigh a couple of years ago with all those cars and buses stuck on the road??? That was here, but thankfully not Kael's ......we are blessed he has a older gentleman that brings him home and he told all the kids stay in your seat, no getting loud and we will all get home safe. Sorry Its been a crazy time, we found out that everyone seems to be renting the homes in Kansas right now so we are trying to pick out ours.........we lost at least half our choices but We have it narrowed down to 3, I'll post pics when we decide. Maddie had her OT eval yesterday and they are recommending PT, OT and speech therapy.......OT for her mouth muscles and fine motor skills, PT for fine motor skills and they think her Hamstrings are either too short or too tight, alot of things we just did not notice or PU on such as not bending her legs walking up stairs, not being able to cross her legs, her exhaustion at walking or running, and not being able to pedal a tricycle forward. Speech is for more face muscle exercises and tongue exercises. I got very lucky and had a Occ. therapasist call today and tell me she has a weekly opening on Thursdays at 2pm so we are taking that slot......starting the 12th, waiting for the referrals to get in the system from her DR for the other 2 appts are made. I know there is more I am forgetting but BED is calling......these are from last week.....I forgot to download Sage's pics and the ones from today.....SORRY. See ya soon.

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Bambi said...

Maddie has her work cut out for her, but at least you found out now. And you can use the road map to gauge how on track Sage is. Can't wait to see pics of the Kansas home...can't believe you are renting sight unseen...keep your fingers crossed. Hope the weather improves. Bitterly cold here...some snow still on the ground from last night, low in the teens, but this weekend may get up to the 70's...gotta love that NC weather :O)