Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1st round of Snow Tuesday

This is the "big Hill" in the park behind our neighborhood
Sledding down the little hill
On our sidewalk

This was 1st round, then we got a three quarter inch of ice then 4 more inches of snow last night. Hopefully get the pics from today of our 8 inches with Sage on the puter tomorrow. Kael hopefully will go to school Friday, he has only been Monday. Made a yummy" Beef Bourbon Ya'll" last night from has been a Paula week........Monday it was her 3 meat pasta.....also a keeper.........Saturday was Chicken Boudine.....not a keeper but now I'm stuck with almost a full bottle of Sherry.....any body have any ideas how to use it????? LOL. TTYL

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Bambi said...

Not sure how useful the gloves were for Maddie...her hand is as red as her face. And the other kids look so big. Wonder how much snow they get in Kansas? That's the thing with recipes...have to try to decide, but now you know. Maybe you'll come across another recipe requiring the cooking sherry? With all that snow, looks like it's "pot-o-chili" night just to keep warm :O)