Sunday, January 25, 2009

See I told you I would

See you Sunday......just quickly though......Got Kael's report from the teacher that works with him once a week on letter sounds and it says he is at 80% now instead of 0% like in Sept......basically he recognizes 28 letter instead of 0......yeah Kael. Maddie seems better......we are suppose to get a major snow tomorrow until Thurs....we'll see. They said we would only get a dusting today and we got almost half a inch. We have Sage sitting up with just the boppy behind her now.....she is really good won't be long and she'll be on her own......but her brother moved the boppy tonight and right into the coffee table she went ....he accidently moved it just a little with his knee but we have had alot of problems lately with him around her.....he gets loud, or moving fast and she hates it.....shes ok no head bumps but we will def make sure hes not around with her sitting up you can tell shes more comfortable with Maddie, she "talks" to her and knows if shes around....too sweet. So do you love them pigtails or what??????? She was not a fan !!! Ya'll have a good week.

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Bambi said...

Way to go Kael on the report card! Keep up the good work. Hope everyone is better from the colds. Brace for the upcoming weather. LOVE the pigtails! She really has changed since we saw her less than a month ago...really developing into her own person. Keep snapping those the one of her reaching out to Maddie...who's watching TV :O)