Friday, January 23, 2009

MIA Again

Well a week ago, 2 were sick....the next morning both Brian and I had it....finally think we are on the end of it. Saturday found out Kael's tooth was loose, left bottom incisor,by Sunday he had wiggled it enough it fell out and Sunday night the tooth fairy visited and gave him a dollar for it. He already has the one right next to it loose, no sign of a new tooth yet. Maddie missed school Thurs with ear infection, she seems to be a little better ....not as much drainage. Sage finally got her walker and her poor feet do not reach the ground yet.......but they will soon. Kael was suppose to get his 2nd report card today but a computer problem made half of them go home without, they are hoping by Tuesday we will all have them. Whoop Whoop finally got my GS cookie order in.....2 house down neighbor is one this year.....last year we had no one we know as a GS so we got NONE........I know the horror of it all but I survived.....LOL. Hopefully I can get the Blog running regular again ......I was just so far behind by being sick then you have to really sanitize everything so that put us further but hope, hope, hope.......Ya'll have a good weekend and hopefully I'll be back Sunday.

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Bambi said...

Hope everyone continues to stay as healthy as possible. The pediatric unit here is FULL with RSV! I personally have flown 2 out that were so bad...seems like 2009 is getting off like 08 as far as the respiratory stuff going around...that you can't seem to get rid of....I am constantly sanitizing my hands. Enjoy what's left od the weekend. Sage will grow into the walker soon enough. Put a few of the GS cookies in the freezer for hard times :O)