Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bone Cold

Kids with Granny opening her Christmas gifts

Kael with the scarf Maegan knit him

Everybody but Sage has caught a cold..... I thought Kael had Strep or a Sinus Infection this week, besides being congested with a sore throat his breath has been awful......I might take him in Monday if hes still congested. He had a B-day party for a school mate today at Chucke Cheese, whoooo Maddie did not like that she could not go.......LOL.....I got her spot reserved for her Birthday Party at Tumble Bee on the 8th......They will have Pizza and Cake after 75 mins of tumble Bees plus I am letting them do the Goodie Bags so I am pretty much stress free for that event.....yeah right !!!! I have to order Kael's yearbook next week......who knew Kindergartners had yearbooks???? I am almost done with the Thank you cards....alot went in the mail today, its gone faster since it is to cold to get out of the house for 2 days......Thurs it never got above 10 degrees. Oh almost forgot.....Weds Maddie missed school since she would not stay in her bed Tuesday night so she was not allowed to go........that kid has not gotten out of her bed for 3 nights in a row.....I guess "love and logic " work.........( the book that tells you no matter what you always follow thru.....ex. if you say " if you don't get dressed in 10 mins you are going to school dressed like that" in 10 mins you put them in the car and go to school........LOL.....that one would be fun . Granny is now in St Joes rehab so please continue to keep her in your prayers......Ya'll have a great weekend.

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