Monday, April 20, 2009

Derm Visit

Went bright and early so we are all grumpy and tired now. Says Funky rash under arm is prob eczema and the one around is mouth is common of people who are on a inhaler steroid ( Flovent ) for asthma . So he gave us a antibiotic cream for the mouth and said to use heavy moisture for under arm Ex aquaphor or eucerian. So it is rainy and cold again, yesterday we tore all out of Kael's room ......I'm getting scared of this yard sale....its alot of stuff and I'm still purging. So tomorrow is Tumble Bees, we go in the afternoon now while Kael's at school and her class only has her and 2 other children.....but she pays attention better but shes now in the 4 year old program so they make them do proper form.....Kael has Karate @ 5pm so I'll do a brisket in the crockpot for dinner......did I mention I made bread Sunday???? LOL just call me suzy
homemaker. So I found this receipe for brisket, looks good but is it corn beef? Do they make more then one kind??? This is the stuff I use to be able to call Papa or granny from the store and get my answer but now hes gone to heaven and she does not know half the time I ask her a question, its sad I miss those days !!!! So I had to ask the meat lady and I probably looked like a fool but better safe then sorry.......U know how there is a turkey helpline on Thanksgiving I need one thats 24 hours on all cooking issues .....LOL. Off to bed

Her first time in a bathing suit and on the beach.....yes she ate sand ( and I wonder why she sick??)


Bambi said...

Okay, isn't a brisket the cut of meat? And I think you have to cook it well to tenderize it, right? Yeah, took for granted just being able to pick up the phone to ask a sad...but we get thru and find the answers, it's just not the same. Poor Sage looked like there was sand in every crevice...didn't we have an umbrella? And does she have lilly white southern skin or italian? The more in the yard sale, the less you have to pack!

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

Who knows but I got a beef brisket, cooked in Crock pot on low for 8 hours with onion soup mix, cup of water and a squirt of yellow mustard, served with mashed taters and yummy yummy yummy. She had a hat but hated it and she was in shade except for photo ops......who knows we use 60spf on all kids now.......ummm not me , plus of army is movers.