Friday, April 24, 2009

And I wonder where my childrens inabilty to focus

comes from....Waiting for Kael's school bus I decide all shoes must come out of foyer ( Sage has a obsession with eating shoes ) well then I must sweep, oooh bus is here, oh crap Kael let in a wasp, with broom and much excitement from 2 little girls I get wasp trapped behind window, shut window, get bug spray because its too hot to have window shut, oh crud now window has bug spray all over it, must clean window, clean window, now the rest look really dirty must clean all windows in front of house, now the walls and door look dirty, pay Maddie a quarter to magic erase the walls, pull rugs up to wash, now must mop, send Maddie to watch Noggin so she does not see me go behind her and clean the walls, pull rugs out of wash to dry and they have disintegrated (*%$^@#^*:( ) throw those in garbage, vacuum out washing machine and clean it, let Kael dust so he can earn a quarter, OMG its hot in house so I turn fans on, switch them to blow instead of circulate and proceed to blow dust all over 3 kids and a newly dusted house ......vacuumed and admitted defeat. Took kids to Park and Mickey D's, and how was your Friday????

Look under the deck ( that is a stray that just showed up, I think he's Molly's BF ) but does he not look just like Tigger???


Bambi said...

Hello?!?!?! Yes he does....have the kids noticed? Any comments about Tigger coming back from Heaven? What a conversation/explanation that would be. Sounds like you need to hire a cleaning lady, take the kids out for the morning while she's there and come home to other issues, but not those at least.

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

No, they know U don't come back..I am too will kill me to pay them to clean when we move out....LOL