Tuesday, April 28, 2009

And Our Saga continues

Did I forget to mention Maddie was put on another antibiotic Thursday?? Yes she had strep throat.....but she seems to be better....she had to go to OT/PT though......OT figures when we leave here she will no longer require OT just PT. PT is very nice lady named Betsy.....she feels Maddie is better then what the evaluation said but we need to work on the stairs, bending with our knees not our back and kicking with our left leg ( basically left leg is weakest even though its not her dominant leg it is still weaker then it should be for her age ).
So now Kael....We all of a sudden got tons of Pollen ( oak ) and Kael has been wheezing....had to start Nebu treatments yesterday @4pm.....did 4 before 1am with no signs of improvement so off to ER....got to ER Oxygen is 100% but alot of wheezing... He gets X ray ( they let us see them, he was in seventh heaven ) Doc says no pneumonia, but he thinks Bronchospasms ???? which means pollen or allergy induced asthma ....so predasoine .....I called his allergy/asthma Dr today and told them so we got in tomorrow ....hopefully she can tell us whats going on.... all the nurses were telling me their kids have the same thing....ummm thats not normal everyone in this state either has asthma, sinus problems or constant ear infections....poor baby next door 1 month older then Sage was at the pharmacy when we were, Her Daddy said its her 4th ear infection.....her brother who is 3 ( 4 in August) already has tubes.....this is a weird area...nobody is healthy.....even my MIL had issues until they moved back to Chicago but if they come to visit any of us she gets tight chest and stuffy nose..... I pray KS is diffrent. I'm so friggin tired and Maddie has school in the Am so I'm off......I'll post about our appt tomorrow.

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Bambi said...

Between antibiotics, steroids and xrays, he should glow and not have any more infections. I saw that Levonworth had horrible tornadoes...seems there's always something no matter where you go. Keep us updated as to everyone's condition.